Vidmate old version 3.28 download

Now I will share vidmate old version 3.28 download link. VidMate is the best YouTube downloader app for Android. With the VidMate app, you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status and more. Download VidMate and enjoy your favorites!

Vidmate old version 3.28 download link:

One of the most essential apps is now Vidmate. Vidmate is an important app for those of us who download videos from YouTube. But as a result of new updates, various problems have appeared in Vidmet. And did not find a solution after searching a lot? Then you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the issues with different versions below.

Some problems with vidmate- Different Problems new versions, but here are some common problems –

1) Download error or not downloading.
2) CAPTCHA Problems Captcha comes when you want to download something.
3) Clicking on YouTube takes you to another page.
4) Birkrikar does ad shows that make you mad.
5) You can’t get it from Widmet because of the speed.

So I will share old verssion (3.28)

How to download Vidmate apk?

One thing you are sure for now is that you will not be able to download Vidmate apps from the Play Store because you do not have the permission of Vidmate software in the Google Play Store. To download the original Vidmate software, you need to download Vidmate directly from Vidmet’s official website.

Moreover, Vidmate apps software is also available in the personal stores of Xiaomi and Samsung mobiles, including China brand mobiles, but they also contain so many fake software , from which it is not possible to choose the original apk.

As such, in my opinion, if you do not try to download Vidmate software from any kind of store, if you download the Vidmate app directly from the download link given in our post, there will be no possibility of it being a fake software.

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